Our Programs

Counseling for Parents and Young Children (CPYC)

An in-home mental health counseling program for parents with children through age five. It promotes a healthy home environment to reduce abuse and neglect.
Equips clients to manage various mental health concerns, such as marital and family discord, divorce, grief and loss, trauma, depression, bipolar disorders, anxiety, behavioral issues, and family challenges.
An in-home psychotherapeutic program for pregnant women who are at risk of negative maternal or infant health outcomes. Prenatal Plus promotes healthy home environments that increase productive family lives.
Offers specialized treatment for children and adults who are survivors of sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence, sex trafficking, and violent crimes.

Recovery - Partners For Change

PFC is a substance misuse recovery program providing outpatient individual counseling and group therapy to help individuals tackle their substance misuse.

Life Enrichment Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

A counseling resource for employers who want to offer therapeutic services as part of their employee benefits package.

Triple P Standard
(Positive Parenting Program)

Provides education and support to help parents navigate family issues and encourage positive behavior in their children and teens.

Teen Triple P
(Positive Parenting Program)

Teen Triple works with families raising teens (ages 12-18) struggling with responsibility, defiance and rebellion, risky behavior, and more.
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