Counseling for Parents and Young Children (CPYC)

An in-home mental health counseling program for parents with children up to five years old. It promotes a healthy home environment to reduce abuse and neglect.


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Counseling for Parents and Young Children (CPYC) is a home visiting program that provides services to pregnant mothers, children birth to five and their families in Palm Beach County promoting mental health and social-emotional outcomes.

Services address issues such as depression, stress and trauma, parent/child bonding, attachment, relationships, parenting concerns, grief and loss, and social-emotional competence. The CPYC program aims to promote healthy births, reduce abuse and neglect and support healthy home environments.

Participants can be self-referred or referred from one of the two entry agencies of Healthy Beginnings System: Healthy Mothers/Healthy Babies and Homesafe. Counseling for Parents and Young Children is funded by Children’s Services Council (CSC) of Palm Beach County. The Counseling for Parents and Young Children Program uses Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS) to demonstrate that the children and their families are benefiting from the behavioral health services they are receiving.

For more information, please call  561-616-1222.


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