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The Psychiatrist will hold a degree in Doctor of Medicine or a Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine with a residency in Psychiatry from an accredited college/university. Psychiatrist must be licensed in the State of Florida, Medicare/Medicaid eligible, and qualified to serve as the agency’s Medical Director. As Medical Director, the Psychiatrist is responsible for oversight and supervision of medical services and review of policy and procedures that impacts the agency’s community mental health status. The psychiatrist will maintain high standards in the delivery of services and documentation. The Psychiatrist will also work collaboratively with the therapeutic team as a member of the Case Review Team. The Psychiatrist will provide direct services that include psychiatric evaluations and medication management to children and adults served by the agency.


  • Conducts psychiatric evaluation, including assessment, diagnosis, treatment, management and assist with care coordination for clients with acute and complex mental health needs.
  • Treat mental health disorders with medication and psychotherapy provided by therapists.
  • Treats patients by utilizing psychotherapeutic methods and medications; discussing progress toward goals with patients; providing instructions; monitoring effect of medications; and supervising staff provision of services.
  • Evaluates medical and psychosocial conditions of clients referred for psychiatric services, including interviewing patient, family, and other persons; conducting physical examinations; observing behaviors; reviewing medical history and related documents; selecting, administering, and interpreting psychological tests; and ordering laboratory tests and evaluating results.
  • Develops treatment plans by determining nature and extent of cognitive, emotional, developmental, social, and behavioral disorders and establishing treatment goals and methodologies.
  • Maintains interdisciplinary treatment by reviewing treatment plans and progress, and consulting and collaborating with primary care physicians, mental health therapists, nurses, and other health care providers.
  • Assures quality and safe service for patients and staff by enforcing policies, procedures, standards, rules, requirements, and legal regulations; participating in utilization reviews; and remaining available for emergency consultations.
  • Maintains historical records by documenting symptoms, medications, and treatment events and writing summaries.
  • Remains up to date with best practices in medicine, participates in continuing medical educational opportunities, maintains personal networks, and participates in professional organizations that enhances psychiatric services.
  • Psychiatrist will provide needed information to complete billing of services provided.
  • Psychiatrist will maintain professional liability insurance.


Clinical Skills

  • Interviewing Skills – Ability to conduct a thorough psychiatric evaluation in order to obtain adequate information that will guide the client’s treatment.
  • Documentation – completes summary of clinical impressions, progress notes, treatment plans, and termination summaries according to documentation standards in all files within 24 hours of service provision.
  • Diagnostic Skills – competent and demonstrates skill in making DSM 5/ICD 10 differential diagnosis and follows Guidelines for Standards of Practice
  • Treatment Planning
    • The treatment plan reflects the problems identified in the assessment and corresponds with the diagnosis
    • Treatment plan reflects the client’s goals for psychiatric interventions
    • Goals contain clear and measurable objectives and interventions
    • Appropriate referrals to community resources are identified in the treatment plan when indicated
    • Evaluating Services Provided
    • Progress in therapy as well as interventions are noted within 24 hours in the progress note
    • Outcome of services will be summarized in termination summary reports within 30 days of the case closing
    • Use of any program-specific outcome tools will be followed according to the protocols established in the policy and procedure manual

Quality of Service

  • Rules – Psychiatrist is knowledgeable of Policy and Procedure Manual and adheres to stated guidelines.
  • Legal Requirements – Psychiatrist is knowledgeable of State and Federal Mental Health Laws and Regulations regarding the report of abuse, confidentiality, and involuntary placement.
  • Maintaining Records – Maintains all case records according to agency Guidelines for documentation according to agency policies and procedures and HIPAA laws
  • Distributes quarterly client satisfaction surveys as required by agency in order to ensure and improve quality of services.

Emergencies, Critical Needs

  • Psychiatrist responds in a timely manner to all caseload emergencies and other emergency situations as needed
    Critical Incidents – Participates in critical incident debriefing as required.

Continuing Education and Professional Development

  • Attains a minimum of amount of 40 CEU’s per two year to obtain and/or maintain Florida State licensure

Professional Image

  • Demonstrates a knowledge of agency programs and services
  • Is aware of the agency’s role in promoting physical, social, and emotional well-being of families, children and individuals who live in the communities served.
  • Is knowledgeable of and adheres to all DOH rules governing practice of psychiatry.
  • Is respectful, appropriate, and courteous when interacting with professional and office staff, both in and outside the agency.


  • Degree in Doctor of Medicine or Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine with a residency in Psychiatry from an accredited college/university.
  • Valid FL license to practice medicine
  • Completed Psychiatry Residency
  • Articulate and professional with excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work well with diverse populations and in a team setting
  • Eligible to provide services to both adults and youth


Part-time position. The number of scheduled hours will be negotiated upon interview with current needs being between 10 and 30 hours per week.


Work with multi-cultural individuals and groups in achieving The Center for Family Services missions and objectives, and be sensitive to each individual and groups cultural and socioeconomic characteristics.

Reports to COO

Any interested persons should email their resume to Dr. Fabiana DesRosiers, CEO, at

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