July 2022 Newsletter

July 2022 Newsletter

We hope your summer is off to a wonderful start, and you are enjoying time for relaxation, family vacations, summer camps, and celebrations. While school is out, the Center’s staff always finds themselves helping clients who face the challenges of the summer rhythms. The familiar “I’m bored” takes on a different level for children who lack the opportunities for structured activities. Sadly, this boredom can give way to increased anxiety, depression, and potentially self-destructive or other upsetting behavior. Our county and some local nonprofits offer free summer programming for children of all ages, and Center for Family Services is here to help with any emotional and behavioral issues. In fact, this less-scheduled season can be a time to take advantage of regular therapy appointments.

Lately, it seems we hear weekly about unsettling current events and possibly upsetting news stories. Be aware that this information can be disturbing to persons of all ages in our community. Using good coping strategies helps stave off increased anxiety, and enables us to spend more quality time with those who are important to us. For the very youngest amongst us, play therapy can be the best way to connect with trusted adults and work through challenging emotions. Center for Family Services recently partnered with several Palm Beach State College interior design professors and students to envision and develop the blueprints for a new state-of-the-art play therapy suite. We can’t wait to offer our youngest clients a beautiful new healing space for play therapy! If you have wondered how you may make a difference in a child’s mental health, donating to this project is an opportunity. We have the plan, the therapists, and the clients; and we are eager to start the build-out. Your contribution will help make this plan a reality! Please contact our office or click the link below.

If you’ve spent time outside recently, you know our intense Florida summer heat can drive us right back indoors. Residents of all ages often look for more indoor activities to avoid being sunburned or overheated. Still, what makes us physically strong also makes our minds and mood strong, so regular daily exercise remains a key component of good mental health. The rise in electronics’ usage makes us even more prone to sedentary lifestyle choices. Getting exercise is crucial. Consider activities that can be done indoors, in air-conditioned spaces, or outside in the early morning or evening hours when the heat and sun aren’t quite as intense.

We are proud of the quality mental health services and care we provide to Palm Beach County children and adults, and we are grateful that you partner with us to support us in our work. Enjoy this month, and stay happy, and healthy!

Dawn M. Silver, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, PY7917
Chief Operating Officer
Interim Chief Executive Officer


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