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Intake Coordinator

FSLA Classification-exempt

Job Summary:

Set-up Initial Client Appointment with clinical staff in a professional manner. Responsible for gathering intake data on cases referred to the agency by multiple referral sources. Assesses client needs in order to determine appropriate fit for programs based upon program guidelines and admission criteria. Schedule clients with therapists and/or refer clients to appropriate levels of care within the agency or in the community. Support the client/family through the intake process and notify therapist of significant issues prior to evaluation.


Intake Coordinator will be available to cover a number of different support staff roles within the organization including, but not limited to, opening and closing the office, greeting clients, answering telephones, receiving medical records requests, processing medical records, assisting the Billing department, running the Intake department, assisting the PQI Manager. Intake Coordinator will implement company policies; and provide clients, staff, and community partners with excellent customer service. The individual in this role will work with all entities of the organization—managerial, clinical, administrative, and other support staff. They will provide excellent communication, they will exhibit utmost professionalism, they will honor all HIPAA and PHI confidentiality needs, and they will be seated at the center of the clinic’s daily operations. This individual reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer, however, they may be delegated tasks under the Direction of the Intake Coordinator, the PQI Manager, the Insurance biller, and/ or the Director of Counseling Services, and/ or the Chief Executive officer.


  • Bachelor’s Degree (preferred), preferably in health, behavioral, or statistical science, or related field of study, obtained from an Accredited College or University.
  • Experience in organizations who service medical populations, children and/or families, or provide other mental health, behavioral health, or other social services.
  • Experience working in a non-profit organization, preferred
  • Bilingual preferred
  • Welcoming disposition
  • Able to engage clients in the intake process and/or handle crisis intervention as needed, coordinate, and communicate effectively with community agencies, clients and families, referral sources, and staff
  • Excellent customer care and service
  • Ability to multi-task and focus while in a busy office setting
  • Detail-oriented and data-oriented
  • Strong problem-solving and organizational abilities
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • Technical proficiency with multiple electronic data bases and applications
  • Able to pass a background check and fingerprinting through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement
  • Able to legally work in the United States


  • Perform the intake interview with the client and/or family, referral source, and/or other significant individuals as needed to obtain historical, demographic, and significant clinical information prior to evaluation
  • Assess the multiplicity of services required in order to stabilize the client and family.
  • Determine client’s ability to pay
  • Advise client of fee, EAP benefits and/or insurance policy, and ensure procedures are followed. Collect insurance information; collaborate with the insurance coordinator, if applicable.
  • Complete and enter client information in EMR system
  • Set-up fee agreement; set-up initial appointment with therapist.
  • Distribute initial paperwork
  • Retrieve messages from voice mail, check fax machine for messages from answering service.
  • Handle calls appropriately, return calls, confirm, schedule, or cancel appointments.
  • Assist in department reports as necessary
  • Assist in marketing efforts of the agency, as necessary
  • Comply with departmental, agency policies & procedures
  • Assist in coverage with other Support Staff needs
  • Learn and carry-out the duties of the receptionist/front desk
  • Assist clinical staff with scheduling appointments or client queries
  • Assist support staff, with other duties as assigned
  • Establish and maintain contact with other agencies and providers in our community
  • Arrange for additional needed services, or further assessment of child’s needs, if indicated.
  • Participate in staff development, in-service training, staff meetings and treatment team, as required
  • Complete all required data input, including time sheets and billing for Victim’s Compensation in an accurate and timely manner
  • Assume other job-related duties as assigned

Performance Indicators:

  • On-time to work each day
  • Communications are clear, prompt, and pleasant
  • Documentation is handled with care and confidentiality
  • HIPAA/PHI confidentiality is maintained
  • Trainings are passed and completed on-time
  • Support Staff meetings are attended
  • Client records are maintained adequately
  • Professionalism is demonstrated
  • Demonstrates a knowledge of agency programs and services
  • Is aware of the agency’s role in promoting physical, social, and emotional well-being of families, children and individuals who live in the communities served
  • Is knowledgeable of and adheres to all local, state, and federal rules governing practice of mental health services
  • Is respectful, appropriate, and courteous when interacting with professional and office staff, both in and outside the agency.
  • Displays knowledge of cultural competency
  • Works as a valued team member achieving Center for Family Services mission and objectives
  • Displays sensitivity to clients served
  • Maintains a collaborative working alliance with other service providers

HIPAA Security Level

Compliant with all HIPAA regulations and agency policies and procedures regarding client confidentiality.


Work with multi-cultural individuals and groups in achieving Center for Family Services missions and objectives and is sensitive to each individual and groups cultural and socioeconomic characteristics.


Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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