Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the cost of using the EAP?

There is no cost to use the services of the EAP. This is a benefit paid for by your employer.

What can I expect when I contact the EAP?

When you call our toll free number, you will talk with a trained Customer Service Representative who will ask a few brief questions. The EAP will want to know your name and the company with which you are affiliated, the type of problem you are experiencing, and your preferences about location & time for seeing a counselor. We will work with you to set an appointment at the time of your call or within 24 hours.

Will my employer or anyone else know I contacted this program?

No, the Employee Assistance Program is confidential. The privacy of your contact with the EAP is protected under state and federal law. We will not release any information regarding program use unless you specify in writing what information is to be released, and to whom. As in any counseling practice, there are certain behaviors and actions that the EAP, in the interests of public safety, is required by law to report. These include child and elder abuse, and threat of harm to self or others.

Will my company know that I or my family has used the program?

No. This is a confidential program. No one will know that you are using the program unless you sign a written Release of Information giving your counselor permission.

Why does my company provide this program?

Your employer values you and realizes that every employee experience various problems during the course of their lifetime. Most of these problems can be handled by the individual but sometimes he/she may need the assistance of a professional. Life Enrichment EAP program assists employees in improving the quality of their lives and ensures their productivity in the work place.

What types of issues are dealt with by the EAP counselor?

Our EAP counselors are available to employees and their families experiencing a wide range of personal difficulties including: relationships (marital, family, social), depression, stress, anxiety, legal, financial, alcohol/drugs, child/elder care, and work.

Who are the EAP counselors?

Our counselors are experienced, licensed clinicians. All therapists have Master’s degrees in Social Work or a related counseling field.

How do I make an appointment with the EAP?

Simply call toll-free 800.404.7960 between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm EST.

Can my using the EAP be used by my employer as a reason to fire me?

Employers do not have access to client files and they cannot find out what you discussed with your counselor. Employers cannot even find out that you used the EAP without your written permission.

Will I be required to use the EAP?

EAP is a voluntary program. However, managers may refer you to this prepaid resource for job performance issues. Regardless of the situation, you will always make the decision if you use EAP.


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