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Clinical Therapist (Per Diem) Counseling for Parents and Young Children (CPYC)

FSLA Classification Non-Exempt


  • Minimum of Master’s Degree in Behavioral Sciences from an accredited college
  • Licensed in the state of Florida, or
  • Actively pursuing license via Registration as a Intern through the state of Florida for any of the following categories: Social Work, Mental Health Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, or
    Certain exceptions may be made if there is demonstrated evidence that the therapist has equivalent experience in the field
  • Experience in direct service with children and families, specifically in the home-based settings


  • Responsible for the development, implementation, coordination, and management of the Counseling for Parents and Young Children (CPYC) Program, including input into policies and procedures, networking in the community, attending necessary meetings in and outside of the agency, and ensuring optimal utilization of program.
  • Delivers services by interviewing families to determine their needs and developing, implementing and reviewing treatment plans with clients on caseload
  • Carries a caseload appropriate in difficulty to level of experience and expertise, with a minimum of 10 clients per week
  • Assures quality service by being knowledgeable of and enforcing rules, regulations, legal requirements
  • Maintains records necessary for accountability
  • Participates in staff meetings, and case reviews according to agency standards and seeks consultation as needed
  • Responds to emergencies and any other critical needs which include suicide calls, emergency walk-ins and critical incidents in the community
  • Promotes a positive image of the agency by ensuring an understanding of program services available and conducting oneself according to a professional code of ethics in the treatment of clients, and in interaction with colleagues
  • May be asked to give presentations or seminars in the agency, community or media
  • Participates, when called upon, in the training of master level students
  • Participates in training pertaining to CPYC and any on-going training offered by the agency and by Children’s Services Council (CSC)
  • Attends and actively participates in agency meetings monthly and other such programs as part of the Healthy Beginnings/CSC system
  • Clinicians must have their own transportation for this position. Mileage will be reimbursed.


Licensure / Academics

  • Is licensed
  • If not licensed, is pursing licensing to meet state requirements by:
    • Satisfying academic requirements
    • Involved in completing supervisory requirements
    • Accumulating clinical hours
    • Registered with Department of Health (DOH) to take exam

Clinical Skills

  • Ability to conduct an assessment in order to obtain adequate information and collaborate with families in formulating goals for intervention.
  • Ability to assist clients to access the resources in achieving their goals.
    Ability to integrate client outcome and relationship feedback to improve outcomes.
  • Documentation – completes Assessments, and other Healthy Beginning Data System, evaluative tools (Rating Scales) and Closing summary according to documentation standards in all files
  • Evaluating Services Provided
    • Progress in services and interventions are noted on data system (HBDS) at the time of the session, and outcome of parenting is summarized in the closing summary within 30 days.
    • Utilizes outcome feedback to improve the effectiveness of services.


  • The therapist identifies areas of clinical expertise and limits in practice skills and seeks supervision or informs supervisor when case requirements exceed areas of expertise.
  • Therapist is required to see a minimum of 10 hours of direct client contact a week and a maximum of 29 billable hours a week.

Quality of Service

  • Rules – Therapist is knowledgeable of Policy and Procedure Manual and adheres to stated guidelines.
  • Legal Requirements – Therapist is knowledgeable of Department of Children and Families and DOH Mental Health Laws and Regulations regarding the report of abuse, confidentiality and involuntary placement.
  • Maintaining Records – Maintains all case records according to agency “Guidelines for Documentation.”
  • Distributes quarterly client satisfaction surveys as required by agency in order to ensure and improve quality of services.

Staff Meetings

  • Attends required staff meetings and makes contribution to topics of discussion and actively participates in identifying problem areas and gaps in service.
  • Supervision/Peer Support
  • Participates in supervision/Program specific team meetings
    • Program supervision includes individual and group supervision which can occur weekly and monthly respectively.
  • Participates in case record review of program charts in order to assure quality and compliance with all policies and procedures.

Emergencies, Critical Needs

  • Clinician responds in a timely manner to all caseload emergencies and other emergency situations as needed
  • Critical Incidents – Participates In critical incident debriefings as required.
  • Clinician is on rotating on call schedule for evenings and weekends, if applicable.

Continuing Education and Professional Development

  • Attains a minimum of 15 CEU’s per year
  • Attends all required CPYC training sessions
  • Attends agency outcome management training when requested
  • Attends all CSC required trainings

Professional Image

  • Demonstrates a knowledge of agency programs and services
  • Is aware of the agency’s role in promoting physical, social, and emotional well-being of families, children and individuals who live in the communities served by the grant.
  • Is knowledgeable of and adheres to all DPR rules governing practice of mental health services.
  • Is respectful, appropriate, and courteous when interacting with professional and office staff, both in and outside the agency.

Effectiveness of Profession

  • Maintains membership in at least one related professional organization.

Conducts Presentations

  • If requested, make presentations according to area of expertise or interest.

Field Instruction

  • Prepares learning objectives, supervises practice, evaluates skills of Master’s level interns to further professional development of student interns and provide an appropriate learning experience.

Cultural Competency

  • Work with multi-cultural individuals and groups in achieving Center for Family Services mission and objectives, and is sensitive to each individual and groups cultural and socioeconomic characteristics.

Other duties as assigned

HIPAA Security Level

Compliant with all HIPAA regulations and agency policies and procedures regarding client confidentiality


Work with multi-cultural individuals and groups in achieving The Center for Family Services missions and objectives, and is sensitive to each individual and groups cultural and socioeconomic characteristics.


CPYC Clinical Supervisor

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