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FSLA Classification-Exempt

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) through accountability to the Chief Executive Officer is charged with overall responsibility for the operation of all programs and professional services provided to clients and their families and the community. The COO also functions as the supervisor to the Quality Improvement Director for the agency and oversees the planning, development and implementation of Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) processes and management methods throughout the organization.

In the absence of the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Operating Officer has ultimate authority for the operations of all clinical programs and professional services of the agency.

Must be a licensed clinician in the State of Florida, and have a graduate degree from an accredited university or school of social work in behavioral science, mental health or a related field.

Demonstrated competence as a senior clinician with a minimum of 5 years post Master’s degree professional experience. Demonstrated administrative competence in program design, planning and management. Experience in working with community leadership, agencies, and other professional disciplines.

Ability to assist in the formulation of agency functions, programs and services; oversees their implementation with clients, staff and the community. Ability to form effective relationships and work cooperatively with multiple levels of staff and Board of Directors in a total team effort.


  • Oversight of all agency accreditation and licensing requirements, e.g. Council on Accreditation and the Department of Children and Families.
  • Initiates the planning of new program ideas.
  • Conduct dealings with clients and their family members, community representatives, agency staff, volunteers, Board members, funding sources and other clients with a sensitivity and responsiveness to cultural and professional differences and needs.
  • Participates in the orientation and training of new staff.
  • Provides and coordinates training for all clinical staff on the evidence based practice, Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS).
  • Ensures implementation of PCOMS to fidelity through supervision and data integrity reviews.
  • Acts as the administrator of the agency’s outcome management system, Better Outcomes Now.
  • Manage crises/exceptional incidents for programs and program staff.
  • Provide backup availability for case consultation to professional staff particularly regarding high risk or problem prone cases.
  • Act as a Risk Manager for the agency relative to the practice of professional mental health, substance abuse, and social services.
  • Establish annual program goals and objectives for overall clinical services.
  • Supervision of all Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services provided by the agency.
  • Supervision of all Support Staff personnel and functions provided by the agency.
  • Participates in grant application and budget development.
  • Identify any special needs that may require utilizing consultants and assure for the integration of such contributions in the conduct of clinical practice.
  • Participates in Community Relations/Marketing activities, generating content for publicity purposes.
  • Participates in appropriate community and inter-agency planning to bring the most effective service possible to current community.
  • Provides opportunities for professional growth and acts as mentor, coach and trainer, where appropriate, in meeting the needs of professional practitioners, as well as, the needs of the agency.
  • Conduct supervision for agency professional department directors/supervisors on a regular basis.
  • Coordinate in-service and staff training and development for the agency with participation from program directors/supervisors and the Quality Improvement Director.
  • Review monthly accountability statistics of all agency programs, including monitoring and assessing all programs rendered by the agency.
  • Advises the Chief Executive Officer about all agency programs, including monitoring and assessing all programs rendered by the agency.
  • May engage in direct clinical practice as time permits.


  • Oversee the continuous development and improvement of agency systems to monitor and manage ongoing professional practice and other systems that impact on clinical and other program services. Develop a systematic quality improvement program Agency wide.
  • Evaluate the services being provided by the agency in relation to specified goals and standards and recommend modification where appropriate.
  • Oversee management of customer grievances and complaints and incident reports. Participate in resolutions where indicated. Identify and evaluate trends and report findings to the Quality Improvement Council and the Board of Directors.
  • Maintain responsibility for, preparation of and participation in quarterly quality reviews as a member of the Quality Improvement Council.
  • Serve as Chairperson of the Quality Improvement Council.
  • Oversees the agency’s quality improvement strategy through its implementation of the evidence based practice, Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS).
  • As HIPPA Privacy Officer assures for agency wide compliance with federal and state laws regarding client privacy (HIPPA).


  • Oversight of agency employee training system, ensuring that all employees are obtaining the required trainings.
  • Coordinating and participating in employee orientation.
  • Provide training to all clinical staff on the evidence-based practice, Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS).
  • Provide and coordinate training on the agency’s outcome management system, Better Outcomes Now.
  • Monitor and maintain current resumes on direct report staff to ensure compliance with professional accreditation:
    • Education Certification
    • Current licenses
  • Participate in the preparation and updating of job descriptions for directors/supervisors and clinical staff.
  • Provide annual performance evaluations of all program and/or directors/supervisors.
  • Oversees 24-hour emergency on-call system and is a back to the on-call therapist in conjunction with the Director of Clinical Services.
  • Accountable for assuring that the agency meets requirements for accreditation and funding.
  • Follow agency Personnel Procedures for hiring staff for open clinical positions.
  • Advises the Chief Executive Officer on related agency personnel needs.
  • Participates in national organizations of which the agency is a member.
  • Develop and coordinate the maintenance of state-of-the-art policy and procedure manuals for all programs and clinical services of the agency.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of professional Outcome Measurement processes and procedures that conform to acceptable standards for behavioral healthcare research.
  • Delegate to subordinates and assist them in day-to-day operation of programs & services.


Work with multi-cultural individuals and groups in achieving The Center for Family Services missions and objectives, and be sensitive to each individual and group’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristic.

REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: Reports to the Board of Directors

Any interested persons should email their resume to Dr. Fabiana DesRosiers, CEO, at

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