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60th Anniversary Campaign

2021 marked the Center for Family Services’ 60th Anniversary! To celebrate, we reflect on the milestones that made us who we are today. In the course of our history, the mission to strengthen individuals and families has had a significant impact on over a million lives in Palm Beach County. The Center began as a behavioral health organization that incorporated a psycho-educational perspective alongside proven therapeutic techniques. The philosophy underlying the Center’s work has always been to help families deal with difficult mental health issues, heal from their lived traumas, and turn their lives around.

The Center continues to be a steadfast beacon in the county, to pick up the pieces, to help, to heal, and strengthen those who need it most. Our programs have supported many individuals including: at risk pregnant mothers, families with domestic violence or sexual abuse in the home, parents struggling to raise well-behaved, educated children, couples in unhealthy relationships, individuals dealing with grief, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, families without a home and individuals struggling with substance abuse issues. We have been, and continue to be, here for them.

We certainly could not make this impact without the generosity of our partners, businesses, foundations, friends and compassionate staff, all of whom have given so much of their time, talent and treasure to make this agency of hope and healing a landmark that individuals and families turn to.

While it is important to reflect on our history, it is imperative that we plan for our future. The Center’s safety net needs reinforcing. Those who walk through our doors suffer as survivors of crime or grapple with mental health issues—they need your help! You are the foundation to the next 60 years of our history. Your generous donation is the key that supports our eight programs and continued impact. Together, we will create stronger families.

Stronger families create stronger communities that thrive!


Thank You

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